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te4rsintherain asked: i feel like everyone secretly hates me. i'm always getting picked on @ school because of my acne. & the amount of make-up i put on. sometimes it makes me not even want to go to school. i have been feeling so alone these days, i just don't know what to do. like some people don't even know me & don't know what goes through my head, & they call me a whore, ugly, fat, etc. it hurts to tell you the truth.

people at school are always going to be little bastards. people like to hurt people. there are so many sick people out there that like feed off of other people’s miseries. it’s pathetic. they’re pathetic. you’re a gorgeous girl, there is nothing wrong with you. don’t listen to them. there are always going to be people that wanna bring you down, but behind every insult is a little jealousy. brush them off. i know it’s so hard, but stick to your friends, they are the only people you need. you won’t even know see these people in a couple years. they won’t be anywhere near them. there are always going to be people trying to bring you down, but you are always going to better than they are. i promise you, they aren’t worth anything at all. at all. i promise okay? <3

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Anonymous asked: So, there's this guy at my school. I always notice him and I've talked to him a few times, but not really enough that we're friends or talk a lot or anything. I really like him. It's been like this for almost half a year now...but he doesn't even notice me.. and I wish that he did. We have no classes together, and are in different grades. Sometimes we walk the same way home, and i thought maybe we could walk together, but i didnt want that to seem creepy...how should I get him to notice me? D:

talk to him. there’s no reason to not talk to him, if you like him he has to be a nice guy and if you don’t talk to him there really is no way at all that he will ever notice you. there’s nothing wrong with talking to him or asking if he wants to walk home together, don’t start hinting him that you like him until after a couple months or so of actually talking to him as friends and stuff. good luck! c:


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Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm 13. I had a diary, when I was 8. I just looked at it. It was talking about how my brother sexually abused me with his friends, he still does that. & How my mom almost died & is still very sick. & How I stopped eating. How I cut myself. That was 5 years ago. I relapsed about cutting in 2010, stopped, & started this year again. But in between those years I abused drugs. I started doing drugs when I was 10. I learned my mom has altzheimers disease today. I want to die...

omg. okay going step by step here;;

your brother and his friends doing what they’re doing is wrong. so beyond wrong. and the fact that he still does is just worse. please tell someone. i know it hurts and you’re scared but please tell an adult, a teacher, a counselor, a relative, someone. they are all there to help you and they will get him away from you. he doesn’t need to be near you. that’s not fair to you. you shouldn’t have to live like that, and you shouldn’t have to put up with that, you don’t deserve that shit. please tell someone. or call a hotline. or something. tell someone. someone needs to know.

please don’t cut yourself. think of it like this;; so many tings in your life and hurting you as it is, all of these people, all of these things that are happening to you, they are already hurting you. why be your own enemy? why hurt yourself? you don’t need to be hurt. you shouldn’t be hurt. and if there is a way to stop any of the pain, it’s to stop cutting yourself. stop punishing yourself for things that aren’t your fault. stop punishing yourself for things that you have no control over. you almost have no control over cutting, i understand that 100% but please try. try to find an alternative or anything. someone once told me that cutting is because of physical restlessness. that when you get so angry or so upset and you have all this anger and energy, you cut. it’s not linked emotionally. so if you take that anger out, that sadness out, by punching your bed or screaming into your pillow until you have no more energy and you’re too tired to do anything else, you won’t cut. try it. i promise it will work after a couple of weeks.

and i’m really really really sorry about your mom. she’s always going to love you. no matter what happens. and she’s going to want to see you live a long, happy life. just think about it okay? you deserve to live. you deserve to see happiness. <3


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Anonymous asked: part 2: i think i just want our relationship to stay as just friendship. i dont want anything bad to happen bc our relationship is perfect right now. but i just love him so much haha like as a friend... or.. i actually like him more than just a friend. i'm still confused about that. :/ & i'm always afraid he minds about the age diff. but he always calls me dumb whenever i mention the age difference. i'm just always afraid. about everything. i'm afraid of losing him as a friend. what do i do?

don’t be scared. there isn’t a reason to be scared. if the age difference was  important to him he would have said something way before. probably a year ago. honestly don’t be worried about the age. no one cares, like honestly if you’re mature and he doesn’t act like a smartass, i don’t think the age difference even matters. look at this way; the only time age matters is when stuff is illegal and when you can tell someone is younger because of lack of maturity. you don’t seeem to be immature, so i don’t see anything to worry anout c: just stay friends though, i think that’s a good place to be because he’s older and you met on the internet.. but yeah. no worries about the age kay?(:

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Anonymous asked: hi, I'm 16 I'm a boy, I'm gay and nobody knows, Neither my best friend, so I would like to know what to do :( my father is very prejudiced and omg it all so hard to be free!

awh ugh if your dad is gunna be a douche about it don’t tell him yet. ease into it. tell a friend, tell some people first. please? like a person you really trust, a best friend. you should be able to tell someone. that’s not fair to you that you can’t express yourself. you should be able to. there is nothing wrong with who you are. there reall isn’t. you can always talk to me off anon if you want c:

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Anonymous asked: hi, the girls at my school aren't always how they assume to be. Fake and stuck-up is the best way to describe them. You tell them something and they automatically tell someone else, including one of my best-kinda-sort of-friends. I don't know what to do, help? xx

stay away from them, don’t tell them things. simple as that. they aren’t worth shitt.

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Anonymous asked: i wanna feel beautiful. im 15, i weigh 210 pounds and im 5"9 and yes i know that a lot for a girl of my age and height. i always wanted to be skinny but not too skinny that you see my bones but skinny enough to enjoy being in my body. all my friends are talking about how they love their boyfriends and im sitting there feeling more depressed cause no guys like me. I tired everything to get to my goal weight of 145. at one point i even made myself throw up. what should i do?

realize that you are beautiful. ugh it breaks my heart to hear or to read that girls that weigh more than their friends are sad. who determines the “right” weight? who has the right to tell you that you weigh too much or that you aren’t good enough? no one. no. i’m not just saying that to sound like a good person. it’s true. there is no rule book on how much to weigh or anything at all like that. you will find a guy who appreciates you for YOU. nothing more, nothing less. for you. and that’s what you deserve. never rush relationships. ask anyone who is in a relationship right now, there was a point in there life when they were at a point the way you are, sad that they didn’t have someone. but they found someone. and they are happy right now. trust me, there is always going to be something that you want, that you don’t have right now, but when the time is right for you to have it, or in this case, him, he will come. it takes time and patience but it will be worth the wait. and to reach your goal weight? talk to a nutritionist or a health teacher or someone and set up a diet plan as well as an exercise plan. do it the healthy weigh. so you can enjoy your body that you worked hard to obtain, and not be in the hospital fighting for your life in order to get away from a disorder, please. <3

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Anonymous asked: I have the worst luck when it comes to girls. I'm a nice caring guy but I always either a) develop feelings for girls with boyfriends (or that like other guys) b) Get friend-zoned, or c) just get forgotten or ignored. I spend literally ALL my time trying to put a smile on the face of any girl I can but sometimes it just feels like it's all for nothing... I'm not good looking so girls don't really give me any attention.. idk what i'm even saying right now, i just generally suck with girls.

you’re not sucky with girls. girls are stupid. honestly, i’m a girl and we are SO fucking stupid. we go for the hot player douche bags and ignore the nice guys and we miss out the perfect guys that would treat us right and then we complain that there are no nice guys. girls are stupid as all hell.

you will eventually find a girl that is actually worth your time. a girl that deserves to be actually treated the way you deserve girls. i promise you that she will show up soon. because you’re a catch. you’re an incredible person for respecting girls and actually knowing that we want to be loved and such.

there is no way that you will be left alone. i promise. someone amazing is being saved for you.

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Anonymous asked: hi, I'm 16, & yes I know that's young but I need some advice. This guy & I have known each other for about 2 years now. We dated on & off throughout those 2 years. & yes I've been hurt quite a few times by him. We don't date right now, but we still talk, hangout, kiss, you know, stuff like that. It's like were dating, but we're not. What's your opinion on that?

i think you guys are kind of like friends with benefits? i don’t think that’s a terrible thing or anything at all, as long you’re okay with it and he’s okay with it and no one gets attatched c:

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I need to advice. My boyfriend cheated on my yesterday and I saw him and I don't know what to do.

kick him in the balls. and then tell him he’s an ass, then walk away like there’s no fucking tomorrow and as if you don’t care. it willl ruin him if he cares at all.

and know that you are gorgeous and that he’s disgusting for cheating on you. he’s stupid and this is his loss. you will find someone soon and he will be ten times better than this guy ever was. he’s not worth your time, he’s not worth your tears, he isn’t worth shit. he’s stupid. don’t even let this bother you. surround yourself with friends happy movies and happy music, time heals all. i promise bby

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